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We have the best solutions for all the industries for their plant and shopfloor maintenance to keep it as per the industrial standards. Our services include Centralized vacuum systems for spillage recovery and recycling, truck mounted vacuum systems for heavy industries' for plant maintenance, solid waste handling equipments for municipalities and recycling systems for all kinds of waste.

Spillage and material handling systems

Process material spillage cleaning, recycling and mterial transfer by vacuum systems

Collection and Discharge systems

Process spillage collection and discharging for both dry and wet materials using vacuum systems

Dustfree sweeping systems

The world's one and only truck mounted vacuum road sweeper for perfect sweeping for dry and wet condition

Dust Collection Systems

Portable and centralized dust extraction systems for all types industries

Smoke and Fume Collection Systems

Portable and centralized smoke, fume and odour extraction systems for industries

Cleaning Equipments

Vacuum cleaners, scrubber driers, mechanized sweepers and high pressure jet cleaners

About us

Hugros was formed to bring the best solutions in the world to a single place to provide it to all the industries in India. During this endeavour, we have been partnering with the best technology providers around the globe in the field of extraction of dust, fume and smoke, process spillage collection and recycling, bulk material transfer, engineering automation and air electronic measurement systems.

As we strive in keeping up with the latest technology, we always envisioned about saving the nature and the earth for our future generations. So we have our GREEN CARE division into handling and recycling of solid waste. We provide  solutions for organic waste composting, biogas processing and PET bottle and plastic recycling. Our solutions have evolved from the continuous study and research done with the help of international organizations and councils in the field of recycling and composting.

We are also providing solid waste handling systems like Garbage Compactors, truck mounted road sweepers, Sewer suction systems, Super Suckers, Jetting sytems and portable vacuum litter picker.

We offer heavy duty vacuum cleaners , scrubber driers, mechanical sweepers, dust extraction systems, welding fume extraction systems, high vacuum systems, centralized vacuum systems , material transfer systems, truck mounted vacuum systems, truck mounted vacuum sweepers, vacuum discharging machines, rail vac systems.Our vacuum systems can handle all kinds of process spillage for collection, transporting and real time recycling.

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Centralized Vacuum Systems

Hugros centralized vacuum systems are the outcome of our vast knowledge in industrial vacuum systems and process spillage management backed up with the technology support from the pioneers in vacuum technology Disab, Sweden.

Centralized vacuum systems are used in industries where there is spillage of process materials like cement, coal, lime stone,fly ash, foundry sand, metal chips, slag, iron ore etc is occuring in conveying areas, shop floors, machines and overhead crane areas. Also the shutdown mantenance cleaning of these industries involves moving of huge quantity of process materials in short time to reduce their production loss due to maintenance cleaning. Manual recovery of these spillage is a tiresome task since it's huge quantity which requires lot of manpower and time.

Centralized vacuum system setup consists of a central vacuum unit which will be placed at a corner of the plant and will be connected with the fixed steel piping which runs through all the spillage areas. Suction outlets with flaps will be provided on the steel piping to connect the flexible hose wherever the spillage is present.

Centralized vacuum setup

The flexible hose is connected to the suction outlet and the spillage will be sucked through it which will travel through the fixed piping due to the vacuum suction provided by the central vacuum unit. If the spillage has to be put back into process for recycling then a preseparator can be provided to discharge the collected spillage at the point where the material has to be put back. The central vacuum unit can be either stationary vacuum systems or truck mounted vacuum systems. Truck mounted vacuum systems can be used where the cleaning requirements are in different buildings spread across in the plant. Fixed piping can be done in each building and the truck mounted vacuum system can be connected with each building wherever the cleaning has to be done.

Our Portfolio

Hugros supplies and installs industrial vacuum cleaners, stationary vacuum systems, big bag/jumbo bag vacuum packing systems, truck mounted vacuum systems, truck mounted vacuum road sweepers, garbage compactors, super sucker/jetting trucks, litter pickers, etc. for heavy industries like cement plants, power plants, mineral industries and steel industries. Our green care division provides organic waste composting machines, bio gas plants and plastic reverse vending and recycling machines. We are also into engineering automation systems and gauging and measuring systems.

Centralized vacuum systems

Centralized vacuum systems

Stationary and mobile

Truck mounted vacuum systems

Truck mounted vacuum systems

Collection and discharge systems

Truck mounted vacuum road sweeper

Truck mounted vacuum road sweeper

Dustfree perfect sweeping

Jumbo bag Collection Systems

Jumbo bag Collection Systems

Material collection and packing systems

High vacuum systems

High vacuum systems

Shopfloor Cleaning

Trailer mounted vacuum systems

Trailer mounted vacuum systems

Spillage recovery

Dust, Fume and Smoke Collection Systems

Dust, Fume and Smoke Collection Systems

Ducted and Ductless Extraction Systems

Cleaning Equipments

Cleaning Equipments

Vacuum Cleaners, scrubber driers, sweepers

Metrology and Measurement Systems

Measurement Systems

Metrology and Gauging


Energybin Biogas Plants

Waste Recycling

Our Customers

Our proud customers for whom we have provided the best solutions for improving their process and work environment are


Steel industry cleaning

Centalized vacuum system

Complete SMS area cleaning for limestone ash dust


L & T Shipbuilding

Steel shots collection and recycling

in Shot blasting of Ships

royal enfield

Dust & Fume extraction systems

Air Tower and Centralized systems

Ductless extraction of welding fumes using air tower and centralized spark resistant dust extraction systems


Cement industry cleaning

Truck mounted vacuum system

Centralized vacuum system for spillage collection and recycling along with road sweeping attachment for complete plant sweeping


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