Bio gas Plants

Biogas Plants from Hugros

EnergyBin is a scientifically designed biogas plant to process Organic Waste and generate revenue in form of valuable product (Biogas + Organic Manure). EnergyBin is a state of the art, compact, pre-fabricated plug and play biogas plant which is designed to treat all kind of organic waste. The state of the art construction of the biogas plant enables a quick, uncomplicated installation at an Industrial canteen, housing society, townships, hotel/resort, institutes and agricultural farm, in a day, since the components are delivered pre-installed. And additionally this methodology improves the fertilizing properties of the manure generated. The operation of a small biogas plant is particularly economically interesting, as it save the disposable cost of waste, treat the waste scientifically and also generate revenue from the waste. Our biogas plants are running at ThyssenKrupp, JSW, PaschimBanga Go-Sanstha, West Bengal,Ashok Piramal, Peninsula Land Aditya Birla Hindalco, Kathmandu Metropolitan, Nepal,Lokhandwala Complex Club, Goregaon, INS Shivaji.

Hugros is expertised in providing the best solution for producing biogas from organic waste. Hugros is the only company who supplies biogas plants for domestic and expanding to large commercial scale biogas plants which can handle higher capacities of waste