Dust, Fume and Smoke Collection

Dust, Fume and Smoke Collection Systems

We have all kinds dust collectors, centralized dust extraction systems, fume extraction systems, odour extraction systems, oil mist extraction systems etc.

Airtower – with two operating principles

Plug and Play principle – The Airtower has been specially developed for welding workstations. It can easily be set up based on the "plug and play" principle without the need for any pipes, and with its lifting points for forklift handling and crane eye bolts it can be quickly and easily positioned wherever you need it: Set up, connect power and compressed air supply, run.

Layer ventilation principle – The contaminated air is aspirated, filtered and then discharged as clean breathable air at ground level with no air drafts. And this through an extended 270-degree range. Here, the Airtower works following the layer ventilation principle, which is recommended by the German Social Accident Insurance Institution and is seen as the best form of air recirculation.


Side panelling made of high-tech polycarbonate

Impact resistant, scratch-proof, heat resistant

Control panel with colour display

Round design for 270° flow-optimised air distribution

Draft-free backflow < 1.5 m/s

Installation and commissioning service

Flexible and individual in its applications

No complex pipework installation or assembly work necessary

Fully-automated operation for heating cost savings of up to 70%

Adaptable capacity increase: Purification of air volumes ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 m³/h

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