Plastic Shredders

Plastic waste is a major concern in this modern world where everything is made up of one or the other form of plastic. Plastic shredders are used to shred the plastic items to smaller pieces for easy recycling of the same. We supply the light and heavy duty plastic shredders made in India. Our plastic shredders are available in both single shaft models and dual shaft which can be utilized for various applications.


Shredder Blades or Shredder Knives

We supply the best quality shredder blades or shredder knives made in India. Shredder blade life and performance depends upon the selection of proper material and proper heat treatment. We supply custom designed blades or knives for all kinds of shredders as per customer requirement. We are specialized in raptor shredder blades made using D2 (1.2379) used for municipality solid waste shredding or MSW shredding.

shredder bladecentralized vacuum system

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