Jumbo bag collection systems

Big Bag or Jumbo bag collection systems

It is a mobile suction unit to be towed by vehicle, especially designed for dust free filling directly into big-bag via valve connection. To be operated with an up to 5” wide hose connection. More and more applications require a fast and safe handling of dust that has to be taken care of. Also regulations regarding dust exposure for personnel operating vacuum units are getting more rigid in most countries.

Vacuumed material is transported via a flexible hose to the hopper bin inlet, where all heavier particles fall by gravity to the bottom of the conical hopper bin. A specially designed wear inlet ensures reliable operation. Lighter dust particles are settled on the filter surface, and fall to the bottom of the hopper during the automatically repeated filter cleaning sequences. The hopper compartment is emptied through an hydraulically operated slide valve. Under the valve a flange connection is mounted for dust free discharge of material into big-bag. For discharging into other, hopper or other receivers, the height of the hopper bin is easily adjusted using the hydraulic elevating system. The unit can also operate as a central vacuum cleaning unit connected to a fixed pipe network.

Big bag or jumbo bag collection vacuum system video

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