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Hugros centralized vacuum system

Centralized Vacuum Systems by Hugros

Hugros centralized vacuum systems are the outcome of our vast knowledge in industrial vacuum systems and process spillage management backed up with the technology support from the pioneers in vacuum technology.

Hugros supplies centralized vacuum systems for usage in industries where there is spillage of process materials like cement, coal, lime stone,fly ash, foundry sand, metal chips, slag, iron ore etc is occuring in conveying areas, shop floors, machines and overhead crane areas. Also the shutdown mantenance cleaning of these industries involves moving of huge quantity of process materials in short time to reduce their production loss due to maintenance cleaning. Manual recovery of these spillage is a tiresome task since it's huge quantity which requires lot of manpower and time.

Centralized vacuum system setup consists of a central vacuum unit which will be placed at a corner of the plant and will be connected with the fixed steel piping which runs through all the spillage areas. Suction outlets with flaps will be provided on the steel piping to connect the flexible hose wherever the spillage is present.

Centralized vacuum setup

The flexible hose is connected to the suction outlet and the spillage will be sucked through it which will travel through the fixed piping due to the vacuum suction provided by the central vacuum unit. If the spillage has to be put back into process for recycling then a preseparator can be provided to discharge the collected spillage at the point where the material has to be put back. The central vacuum unit can be either stationary vacuum systems or truck mounted vacuum systems. Truck mounted vacuum systems can be used where the cleaning requirements are in different buildings spread across in the plant. Fixed piping can be done in each building and the truck mounted vacuum system can be connected with each building wherever the cleaning has to be done.

Hugros supplies and installs industrial vacuum cleaners, stationary vacuum systems, big bag/jumbo bag vacuum packing systems, truck mounted vacuum systems, truck mounted vacuum road sweepers, garbage compactors, super sucker/jetting trucks, litter pickers, etc. for heavy industries like cement plants, power plants, mineral industries and steel industries.

You can watch the demo video here