industrial vacuum cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are heavy duty vacuum cleaners used for industrial applications. With the use of an industrial vacuum cleaner we can clean all the spillages whether it's wet or dry easily. The collection capacities of industrial vacuum cleaners vary with the requirements. Industrial vacuum cleaners can either run on single phase power supply or three phase power supply depending on the usage and cleaning frequency required. normally three phase industrial vacuum cleaners are used in places where continuous cleaning is mandatory. Single phase vacuum cleaners are used in places where intermittent cleaning is preferred.

An industrial vacuum cleaner can be selected for a particular application depending on the vacuum produced and the airflow. More vacuum is required to suck heavy particles and more airflow to make it travel more distance.

Mobile vacuum cleaners

mobile vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners which can be moved easily from one place to another for reaching out to the spillage are called mobile vacuum cleaners. Since these are easily movable with hands the capacity of collection is also limited.

Heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners

heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner

Heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners are bigger vacuum systems which are used in heavy industries where the collection spillage is more. The transfer rate of material can be from several kilograms per hour to several tons per hour. These heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners are mainly used in steel industries, power plants, cement plants, chemical industries, mineral industries, food industries and pharma industries.

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