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Sanitary napkin Incinerator and Dispenser by Hugros

Hugros provides the best and the most reliable sanitary napkin auto dispensers and sanitary napkin incinerators in India. Our snitary napkin pad dispensers can be installed at schools, colleges, public places and organizations for providing the pads at convenience. Hugros Sanitary pad ininerators are so compact and reliable and can be installed at any toilet for the eay and hygenic disposal of the used pads.Our products have got the most acclaimed life compared to any other competitor products.

Problems Relating to Sanitary Napkins

This is a field where ignorance and unhygienic healthcare are key points. Many educated women also are not aware about this prime issue related with health. Secondly there is no other alternative to Indian women other than accepting the present situation of healthcare instruments. It is to be noted that not only women use sanitary napkins unhygienically in the period of menstruation; but women are also disposing used sanitary napkins in unhygienic way. Women are disposing used sanitary napkins by either flushing used napkins through toilet or throwing them on dumping ground through our household dust bins. It is also to note that till today our system has not provided alternative and effective solution to disposal of sanitary napkins.

Environmental Disaster

Both the methods used by the society are causing serious environmental problems to all Corporations, Nagarpaliks and also to rural panchayat systems in the State. The unscientific method of disposing the used sanitary napkin is creating serious problem to sewerage system of city and to dumping grounds of cities. Every person in India is generating 250 Gms. of waste per day and there is no any scientific and viable system to destroy the waste at source. The systems available now days are not sufficient to bear load of waste. It is to note that used sanitary napkins are sharing 25 % of waste on dumping ground and we are responsible for this destruction. But there is solution to this disaster and we have the best and the most reliable solution for this problem.

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