Truck mounted vacuum

Hugros Truck mounted vacuum systems

Truck mounted vacuum cleaners are systems useful in maintaining a whole plant where spillages are too far and multiple operations are needed like connecting to fixed line piping, bulk collection of waste materials etc.

Truck mounted vacuum systems or truck mounted vacuum cleaners or vacuum trucks are mobile machines designed for tough industrial environment, easy to use and with a broad power range. They are complete powerful stand alone suction units ready to suck both dry and wet material. Together with a fixed pipe system they can operate as a perfect central vacuum unit for industrial applications and can of course also operate as an independent vacuum loader. Many different types of handling and discharging. Can be equipped to match different ATEX requirements.

Industries like cement plants, power plants, steel plants, chemical plants, food industries, pharma industries have lot of spillages of raw materials happening during production. Manual cleaning or recycling of these materials takes lot of manpower and time. But with truck mounted vacuum systems connected to fixed pipelines can collect these spillages for disposal or recycling. Truck mounted vacuum systems are very flexible and useful in heavy industries where multiple locations, levels or areas requires cleaning or recycling. using one truck mounted vacuum system you can connect to the fixed pipeline at many locations to serve the needs. Since truck mounted vacuum systems can run on diesel powered engines mounted on the truck, it can be used at any locations or places where access to electricity is not available.

truck mounted vacuum truck mounted vacuum

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